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How to Offer Wealth Management Services as a Small CPA Firm (Webinar)

Maximize Your Recurring Revenue Without Losing Control of Client Relationships

As a small CPA firm, nothing hurts worse than losing a trusted client to a larger firm offering wealth management services. It’s frustrating and it hurts your bottom line. You’d love to round out your service offerings with investment, insurance, and financial planning. But you’re too strapped for time and resources to figure out the details. 

So, what do you do? 

Join me in this exclusive webinar as I reveal the most efficient way to offer wealth management services as a small CPA firm. (Hint: it’s not expensive or time-consuming.)

I’ve spent 30+ years in the financial services industry watching trusted CPAs lose clients to larger firms that don’t always have the best intentions. In this webinar, I’ll walk you through how you can compete with larger firms (and keep all those clients you love) without breaking the bank.  

Register now to learn more. 

Ed founded ClientFirst Wealth Management, LLC. in 2007, after more than 23 years in the wealth management industry. Prior to launching ClientFirst, he spent 6 years as a Portfolio Manager and independent Branch Manager with Raymond...

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