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Tax Free Income

CIientFirst Wealth Management provides low-cost, customized tax-free municipal bonds portfolios.

If you are an Arkansas resident, you may be particularly interested in the All-Arkansas portfolio featuring tax-free bonds issued by various municipalities around the state of Arkansas that you will surely recognize.
Your customized, portfolio features monthly income free of federal as well as state income taxation.
Separately- managed accounts of Arkansas municipal bonds designed to meet your individual needs--bonds with stated final maturities that guaranty return of principal, unlike bond funds.

Financial advisors typically charge a blended rate for the management of your entire portfolio. This can lead to inflated fees for fixed-income management, which should be considerably lower than fees charged for managing individual equities.

ClientFirst's management fees vary depending upon your individual needs as well as the value of your account. You will be amazed at how much you can save by working directly with your fixed-income manager.